Inspection, Maintenance and Repair services for your Taiwanese offshore wind projects

Looking for a reliable local supplier to help you maintain the integrity of your offshore assets?           


How CWind Taiwan can help with Inspection, Maintenance and Repair services

> Simple interface for a complete scope of work

We offer a single project interface for a complete inspection and maintenance package to improve project efficiency, covering foundation and seabed inspections, painting, corrosion protection and cable repair.


> In-house technicians ensure best practice onsite

All inspection and maintenance will be delivered by our qualified local technician team who are GWO-accredited and trained by experienced European technicians to ensure best practice onsite.


> Technical innovation with industry leaders

We work in partnership with subsea technology and ROV specialist, utilising the latest technology to deliver accurate survey data from a more efficient spread.

We can also leverage the expertise from our Taiwanese parent company, IOVTEC, with their extensive local track record, survey expertise and local knowledge.

> 不外包工程,單一團隊提供全方位檢測與維修服務



> 資深工程師技術轉移,確保國際標準作業



> 結盟業界領導者,引進創新測量技術



Inspection, Maintenance and Repair is all about preventing small problems from escalating into something more significant.
IMR is hugely important for ensuring the life span of your offshore wind farm.
It not only ensures the wind farm complies with statutory and design requirements but also protects assets from operational inefficiencies and preventable damage and degradation.



Topside Inspection, Maintenance and Repair



There could be general wear and tear above the splash zone once it is installed onsite and started operating. This ranges from the internal safety system to the painting of the external structure. Statutory inspections ensure ongoing compliance of the wind turbine assets.




We have come up with an efficient, integrated topside IMR solution, using our Taiwan-flagged CTV fleet and in-house technicians for better flexibility and efficiency. Our local teams cooperate with CWind’s experienced European technicians to ensure all work complies with international standards and the highest RQHSE regulations.



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Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair



The subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair covers the area below the splash zone of an offshore wind turbine, including the foundation structure, seabed and subsea cables. The tidal currents could have removed seabed material around the turbines, compromising the security of foundations through scouring or exposing cables.




Under these challenging conditions, there is a more efficient solution to get the in-depth data you require to make decisions. Better data would help you with forecasting and analysing the trend of the erosion on the foundation and planning remedial action.




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With our integrated IMR solutions, we help you reduce the costs and operational impact of asset downtime.