International Ocean Group

International Ocean Group (IOG) is an offshore wind power integrated service group in Taiwan. Through various cross-disciplinary cooperation, with four business units, IOVTEC, CWind Taiwan, TIWTC and Fugro IOVTEC, the services cover geophysical and geotechnical survey, construction support, O&M services, subsea cable solutions, vessel charter and talents cultivation.

Together with the joint ventures, IOG is committed to taking real action to realize the vision of industrial localization.

Dated back to 2013, International Ocean Vessel Technical Consultant (IOVTEC) was the first local survey company that steps into the offshore wind market in Taiwan to provide integrated offshore services for the country’s landmark projects. As the first marine engineering company in Taiwan, which took the first step towards offshore wind market, IOVTEC always works hard on cultivating local offshore wind talents.

In 2018, IOVTEC established a joint venture, CWind Taiwan, with windfarm operation and maintenance expert in Europe, CWind. In order to serve as a strong player in the offshore wind O&M and construction sector in Taiwan.

In the same year, Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation Ltd. (TIWTC) is also established by CWind Taiwan and public entities in Taichung. In order to introduce common international standards for safety training, which are set by Global Wind Organization (GWO), including BTT and BST etc.

In 2020,IOVTEC also established a joint venture, Fugro IOVTEC, with Dutch Geotechnical specialist, Fugro. Aiming to deliver safe and regulated marine geotechnical and geophysical services.

Through continuous learning and innovation, on one hand, IOG goes full speed on localization in Taiwan and is committed to transferring knowhow in Taiwan. On the other hand, IOG also makes efforts on cooperating with world-class professional enterprises to build offshore wind integrated service group.

IOG is able to provide diversified and professional services not only at early stage of wind farm exploration, but also at mid-term construction and later maintenance and operation. One of the vision is to make Taiwan be the offshore wind base in Asia Pacific region and always step at the forefront of offshore wind industry in Taiwan.