Thursday 15th October 2020

Taipei, 15th October 2020. CWind Taiwan announced that it has been awarded a balance of plant (BOP) contract for Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm by Formosa 1 Wind Power Co. ltd (hereafter FOWI) in Taiwan.

Following previous successful crew transfer charters and marine surveys during the construction and maintenance phases of the wind farm, CWind Tawain will once again work with FOWI on this new BOP campaign. The contract will utilise the company’s Taiwan-flagged CTV, Ocean Surveyor 3, and their in-house technicians. CWind Taiwan will provide topside inspection and maintenance services to the 22 turbines across phase 1 and 2 of the wind farm, including internal and external inspections and painting, commencing in September 2020.

Located close to the shore of Miaoli, CWind Taiwan will be using the Nanliao fishing harbour as its maintenance hub for the duration of the campaign, minimising transit times for higher project efficiency. The Ocean Surveyor 3 and crew have been actively supporting the FOWI project out of this port since 2016, gaining an extensive knowledge of, and familiarity with, the sea conditions and local authorities there.

As Formosa 1 is the first offshore wind farm in Taiwan that moves into its operational phase, CWind Taiwan is deploying the first batch of Taiwanese technicians to graduate from its Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training school, alongside senior technicians from its European parent company, CWind, to deliver the inspection services.

Tom Manning, Deputy General Manager at CWind Taiwan, said: “We feel honoured to be entrusted to deliver FOWI’s, and Taiwan’s, inaugural BOP inspection campaign, and continue our successful track record on the Formosa 1 site. As a Taiwanese company backed by a global track record, it provides us further opportunity to demonstrate the value we’re able to create to the Taiwan offshore wind supply chain by bringing together CWind’s maintenance expertise and our ability to train local talent to join this growing industry.”

Christopher Rowland, Asset Manager of Formosa 1 Offshore Windfarm said: “We recognise CWind Taiwan as both an established supplier in the delivery of balance of plant services whilst also acknowledging their early commitment to be a strong local services provider in Taiwan. The collaboration, investment and knowledge sharing shown by CWind and IOVTEC is a great example how the supply chain can develop safely and sustainably based on the shared experiences of Europe and Taiwan.”

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