Route Clearance

Subsea cables are the arteries of an offshore wind farm

According to statistics, the cost of cable installation takes up to 13% of a whole project. To ensure all cable relevant construction is being carried out safely and smoothly, we design suitable cable routes and bury cables down into the seabed, minimising the risks of being snagged by other seabed user such as fishermen.

Pre-lay grapnel run (PLGR) and route clearance is key to a successful cable laying project. Before laying operation, we provide PLGR using grapnels running through the laying route to ensure route clearance and removal of any debris. Removal of debris enables a clear cable laying route with maximised construction efficiency and safety.

CWind Taiwan has Taiwan-flagged vessels operated by experienced local crew and a team of knowledgeable project managers to provide local PLGR solutions. Inherit the survey expertise from one of the parent companies, IOVTEC, we are supported by a wealth of local knowledge and seabed data from previous surveys, delivering optimised and integrated solutions.

We have been supporting wind farms across UK, Europe and Taiwan to conduct PLGR survey and cable laying. CWind Taiwan has supported Taiwan’s first offshore wind farm in delivering PLGR route clearance work. And our parent company Global Marine carried out the deepest water ploughing 1700m (Plough graded out at 1699m) on the Svalbard system (installed 1350km inside of the Arctic Circle).

With our strong track record supported by Taiwan-flagged vessels and local crew, we are confident to deliver a Taiwanese solution that ensure cable laying is being carried out efficiently and smoothly

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