CWind Taiwan successfully completes seabed survey for DEME in Taiwan

星期四 14th 5 月 2020

CWind Taiwan has announced the successful execution of a seabed survey for DEME along the gas pipelines in the Anping area.

The gas pipelines are located 8.6km northwest of Anping port, in Southern Taiwan. Scouring is regarded as a great risk for the pipelines and surrounding pipeline system. In order to ensure the safety of the system, CWind Taiwan undertook a series of multibeam surveys in the adjoining area, including the slopes they traverse, to provide a better understanding of current conditions.

CWind Taiwan worked alongside its joint venture partner IOVTEC and their Taiwanflagged survey vessels, Ocean Surveyor 2 & 6. Since 2015, CWind Taiwan and IOVTEC have been delivering bathymetry survey services to public and private sector customers including two Taiwanese offshore wind farms in 2019. The whole project was delivered within just two weeks, utilising the fleet already deployed around the country. With a detailed knowledge of Taiwanese waters and a local fleet, CWind Taiwan has provided DEME with critical subsea intelligence to enable more informed decision making with regards to the seabed condition for their future rock-dumping work.

Ethan Wang, Commercial Director of CWind Taiwan, commented, “We feel honoured to support DEME on this project. By utilising our Taiwan-flagged vessels Ocean Surveyor 2 & 6 and in-country project teams, we were able to respond rapidly to DEME’s requirement and maximise data acquisition during the challenging winter months. It’s a testament to our performance that DEME has asked us to continue supporting their survey requirements over the next two years.”