Subsea BoP

Optimised, flexible solutions using cutting edge technology for subsea balance of plant (BoP) to meet customer requirements

Typically, as assets age, associated maintenance costs increase. With a significant number of offshore wind assets entering the later stages of the project lifecycle, it is evident that balance of plant degradation is a growing industry challenge.

Optimising efficiencies and maintaining the structural elements which support the wind turbine generator is crucial to ensure asset life is maximised. Without regularly scheduled maintenance, offshore wind assets can deteriorate, causing faults requiring reactive maintenance leading to downtime and loss of revenue.

CWind Taiwan provides statutory inspections, pro-active maintenance, and pre-emptive repairs to ensure optimal asset integrity and overall longevity of an offshore wind project.

Working with clients, CWind Taiwan delivers flexible, turnkey solutions, designed around specific wind farm sites, utilising an experienced fleet of in-house multi-purpose CTVs, highly skilled technicians, and project managers with a robust track record of successful project delivery.

We have experience at over 50 offshore wind farms across the UK and Europe, providing service support for 13GW of power since 2009, with an extensive track record of O&M delivery, including a long-term maintenance contract at Westermost Rough. Supported by Global Marine Group shared services, equipment and assets, CWind Taiwan is well versed to deliver large scopes of maintenance projects, including marine logistics, foundation inspection and preventative maintenance.

Additionally, we cooperate with ROVCO, the leading provider of ROV and hydrographic surveys using 3D and AI, to provide optimised state of the art live 3D vision technology to acquire accurate and high quality data. Utilising trend analysis, we can identify likely faults on subsea structures, as well as within the internal environment of the monopile.


  • ROV operations
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Cable crossings
  • Live monitoring
  • Cable burial depth
  • Anodes and cathodes
  • Cable Protection System (CPS)
  • Foundation inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Inspections and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Diving operations
  • Marine logistics

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