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The Global Marine Group has been in offshore wind since it’s conception and was responsible for installing the inter array cables at the UK’s first offshore wind farm Blyth in 2000, at Europe’s first commercial wind farm Horns Rev in 2002 and at the UK’s first commercial wind farm Kentish Flats in 2004. Since then, the company has worked at 50 wind farms across the UK and Europe. Cable installation at an offshore wind farm development is a critically important phase. There were reportedly as much as £213 million in insurance losses from 28 UK offshore wind claims between 2002 and 2015, 68% were directly due to cable faults occurring predominately during the construction phase. Additionally, The Group’s Complete Cable Care service provides you with a single contracting entity, saving internal management fees, reduced risk, interface management and seamless execution of projects. From effective cable installation, data management, cable monitoring and risk assessment services through to scheduled and unplanned maintenance and repairs, Complete Cable Care provides a proactive and responsive solution for asset management. Alongside onsite services, we can also store, manage and maintain your system spares in a controlled, purpose-built environment to ensure they are ready to use as required. To support projects, Complete Cable Care calls upon Global Marine Group’s fleet of cable ships and CTVs, as well as a suite of subsea equipment including two industry leading Q1400 trenching ROVs. As a Group, we have decades of technical knowledge, as well as commercial experience in managing cable maintenance agreements worldwide.

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