We have an established track record of completing multiple scopes of installation packages of work for offshore wind projects across the UK and Europe.

Taiwan government is aiming to reach the 5.5 GW capacity by 2025 and additional 1 GW per year starting from 2026. According to Wood Mckenzie’s analysis, it will make Taiwan the second largest offshore wind power country in east Asia, taking up to 20% in Asia offshore wind capacity.

Offshore wind is increasingly being developed further from shore, in deeper water and harsher conditions, posing logistical, safety and installation challenges for new sites under planning and development.

Effective on-site management is essential for successful delivery the complexity of offshore wind farm projects. Fulfilling all of the essential project management and engineering functions requires extensive resources, to ensure the ongoing efficiency and continuous operation of wind turbines.

We have an established performance history of successfully completing installation work for offshore wind farm projects across the UK and Europe, and can provide these services as a full turnkey offering. Our installation experience stretches across almost 600 turbines. Utilising geographically local, trained technicians, combined with a fleet of fuel-efficient CTVs, we are able to meet clients’ needs efficiently and effectively.

Utilising Global Marine Group assets, engineering capability and qualified project managers, CWind Taiwan is well-positioned to deliver projects to a high quality, providing customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

Pre-Lay Grapnel Runs and Route Clearance work, as well as shore-end cable landing support are work packages CWind Taiwan are able to deliver through applying experience gained from working across multiple sectors, including renewables, telecommunications and oil & gas.

Utilising experienced, qualified technicians, we provides clients with bespoke services to suit many snagging or retrofit scenarios. From designing  and installing secondary gate installations on GodeWind and Borkum transition pieces, to completing walk downs and minor electrical and mechanical snagging works on Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm.

  • Electrical commissioning and completion
  • Mechanical completion
  • 500 hour works
  • Commissioning - loading LV
  • WTG installation
  • Testing - pre-loading LV
  • Quality control - turbine run down
  • Handover, snagging and retro-fits
  • Corrosion protection
  • Software Updates

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