Inspections & Maintenance

Vigilant attention to detail, topside and subsea

It is critical that inspections are performed by experienced, methodical experts alert to every detail.

The implications if a wind turbine is offline for unscheduled maintenance can be approximately £10,000 in lost revenue a day, and when factoring in the additional costs of support vessels, technicians and equipment for repairs it could run into the millions.

For large-scale wind turbine assets and auxiliary equipment, unaddressed minor problems or oversights can quickly escalate into costly stoppages, lost revenue and expensive repairs.

We are on hand for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance with fully trained technician for turbine, cable and foundation maintenance and a dedicated fuel efficient fleet of CTVs; all the elements required to complement OEM contracts in one bespoke package.

CWind Taiwan takes the headache out of preparing, planning and executing inspections with comprehensive packages tailored to each customer and project requirements.

Our independent, certified inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience to fully document and report defects, helping to create optimised maintenance plans.

Our turbine technicians undertake 100 and 500 hour servicing, gearbox inspections, generator alignment, “wet” service, pitch cylinder inspection & change out. Our specialist technicians also perform endoscope inspections and evaluations on gearboxes and main bearings’, minimising turbine down time.


  • Critical components including endoscopic analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Oil evaluation
  • Blade inspections
  • Fall protection and anchor bolts
  • Davit cranes
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Visual, video and photographic surveys
  • Sub-surface ROV surveys
  • Non-destructive testing and inspections
  • Marine growth inspections
  • Balance of plant including paint, equipment and structural inspections
  • Pre-warranty, insurance and end-of-warranty inspections
  • Anode inspections
  • Assessments before, during and after construction
  • Creation of optimised maintenance plans
  • Working in line with international industry standards
  • O&M support for more than 6GW of power generated by the offshore wind sector

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