Corrosion Protection

Protecting offshore assets for the long term

In harsh offshore environments, corrosion is a constant risk to the structural integrity of substations, foundations and turbine tower segments.

To maximise their lifespan, you need the best corrosion prevention, protection and damage repair technology, carried out by experts that understand the unique challenges faced offshore.

We have extensive experience in undertaking corrosion protection projects at offshore wind farms in the UK and across Europe. To date we have completed 16 corrosion protection projects across 12 offshore wind farms and most recently we successfully completed a programme of painting/repair work at Butendiek offshore wind farm.

We have also worked recently on similar projects at Nordsee Ost, Baltic 2, Greater Gabbard, Lincolnshire, Sheringham Shoal, West of Duddon Sands and Westermost Rough offshore wind farms.

In pursuit of better corrosion solution, we continuously invested in new technologies to provide optimised corrosion protection services. C-Ling is our new maintenance solution that prevents the corrosion of the interior of monopiles through sealing the cable aperture in the base of a monopile. This could avoid the transfer of acidic water and anodic material to the environment.


  • Corrosion repair & protection for inside, topside, splash zone & subsea areas
  • High-quality workmanship & efficient work process
  • Thorough inspections, analysis, reporting & follow-up
  • Cathodic protection
  • Materials selection, procurement & transportation to site
  • Surface preparation
  • Blasting, painting & spray applications
  • Rigging, lifting & rope access

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