We have an established track record of completing multiple scopes of bolting and construction and O&M packages of work for offshore wind projects across the UK and Europe

Offshore wind turbines are built to withstand high levels of vibration, which can lead to tensile stress of bolts and subsequent wear on joints. As well as vibration, the reliability of joints may be compromised by bolt relaxation, fatigue and corrosion. During the service life of the joint, depending on time and environment, additional bolt wear and tear may potentially result in joint separation and ultimately in complete joint failure, if not maintained sufficiently.

We have a wealth of experience delivering successful bolting services during offshore wind turbine assembly, ensuring accurate tensioning and loading, providing reliability, value and consistency of offshore wind projects. Our bolting solution can be provided as a full turnkey solution, and improves asset life.

Utilising geographically local, trained technicians, bolting teams, and experienced project managers, combined with a fleet of owned CTVs, CWind is able to effectively meet clients’ needs, and ensure asset integrity.

Our Key Capabilities:

  • Logistic solution
  • Specially trained bolting teams
  • Experienced project managers
  • Specialist bolting equipment which has been strenuously tested and developed in project conditions
  • All material requirements
  • Extensive bolting equipment redundancy
  • Key partnerships with torquing solutions experts
  • Prolonged asset integrity

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