The key to a safe, efficient crew transfer service

Our experienced, reliable crew are at the heart of our CTV operations.

Have you had difficulty communicating with crew members
because of a language barrier?


Or experienced costly vessel faults that could have been prevented
by honest communication and proactive maintenance?


This is where an experienced crew, trained to European standards, can make all the difference.



How can we help reduce these project uncertainties?


We’re “Glocal”
Our experienced Taiwanese crew have practical experience working on both Taiwanese
and UK wind farms. Trained in an international environment, they have the ability to communicate
bilingually while possessing local knowledge combined with class-leading boat-handling skills.


We’re Organised
We’ve developed our own integrated management system, which has received international
accreditation. This ensures our daily operations and RQHSE practices onboard vessels comply with the
highest global standards, allowing our crew and vessels to work as safely and efficiently as possible.


We’re Experienced
We have supported eight key Taiwanese offshore wind farms since 2017. Our crew are
familiar with site and project conditions in the Taiwan Strait and have experience cooperating
with both local and European technicians, engineers and surveyors on various
surveys, construction, commissioning and maintenance projects.