Cable Pull-In

Safe handling of cable to secure the connection between assets.

Offshore cable pull-ins requires experienced technicians who can work quickly, yet handle your precious cables with all the care required.

Optimising time, avoiding extra costs and ensuring safety requires planning and preparation, as well as technical, logistical and project management expertise.

You can rely on our solid track record of array, export and PCC cable pull-ins from the UK’s largest offshore wind farms with over 890 completed successfully to date.

Our skilled teams arrive on site ready to provide high-quality services at speed, reducing vessel time and exposure to offshore risks, and protecting both personnel and cables.

We are a leading provider of cable pull in services having provided this service on 11 projects across 9 offshore wind farms. We provide a complete package including messenger wire installation and cable pulling through to cable terminations and testing.

We operate the fastest cable pull-in times in the industry while ensuring safe and effective operations and no LTIs to date on any of our cable pulling projects.

Notable projects include project management and cable pull in of PCC and array cables at West of Duddon Sands: diver less cable pulling support, tower teams, vessels, ROV drivers, preparation for hang off, jointing and termination.


  • Ensuring safe and effective operations
  • No LTIs to date on any of our cable pulling projects
  • Experienced OPITO riggers
  • Safe, secure & fast installation methods using proven techniques
  • Pre-rigging, cable installation & de-rigging
  • 24/7 quick-response cable repair service
  • Endoscopic surveys & PEG cleaning of J-tubes
  • Messenger wire installation
  • HV and fibre testing/terminations
  • ROV piloting
  • Experience of working with the latest cable rigging systems

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