Blade Repair

New innovative solutions in delivering longevity and minimising downtime

During transit, throughout the installation process then during their working life, blades can be affected by knocks, chips and general wear and tear which all need to be inspected for and repaired whilst on site.

Not only this, but based on recent historic data, a third of all blades exiting warranty required leading edge repairs. In 2017 alone, this equated to over 530 of the 1,600 exiting their warranty period.

We have an experienced and trained technician team ready to fill the known gap in the industry of qualified blade repair experts, and address this growing concern.

Currently, most blade repairs are conducted outside of recommended climatic conditions; something that has become acceptable but not suitable for maximised longevity.

CWind Taiwan is constantly thinking of new and innovative solutions to address client problems and is 100% committed to on-going new product development. Working with industry leaders, we are engineering a ground breaking blade repair solution that optimises environmental conditions by decreasing humidity and increasing temperatures allowing curing and repair times to be reduced significantly and uptime to be maximised.


  • New innovative solution that can be applied in 95% of environmental conditions
  • Inspections via rope access
  • Repairs to cracks, splits and delamination
  • Internal blade repairs
  • Inspections and repairs via blade platform
  • Weather-risk inclusive warranty

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